Araminta Star Matthews is an American author,academic, artist, and instructional designer. She was born to a pair of geeks from very different styles of geekery: her mother, an avid Stephen King enthusiast, blacked out the windows in her crypt-style bedroom and drank tomato juice lovingly labeled “Fresh Blood;” while her father, a science-fiction/fantasy junky, read her The Lord of the Rings (with voices) on nights he wasn’t building his to-pewter-figurine-scale Dungeons and Dragons models. She is pretty proud of her geek heritage, straight down to her redheaded roots, and wears the label of “geek” with pride (sewn into all her cotton shirts). In her books, you see a blend of these two lifestyles: quirky, sci-fi fantasy meets dark, bloody horror, often through the lens of whimsy.

In addition to being an uber-geek, Araminta is an accomplished educator at both the secondary and postsecondary level, having earned a terminal degree in Creative Writing. She has taught higher education writing and education courses, and currently works as an instructional designer, creating dynamic and engaging learning environments for the web.  She is passionate about creating and writing, and loves bringing new reading/writing skills to her students. Her book, Write of the Living Dead, coauthored with Rachel Lee and Stan Swanson, brings many of her writing lessons to print.

Because Araminta can’t bring herself to sit still even for a moment, she spends her spare time (when she is not designing, teaching,  writing, or editing) playing MMORPG’s, reading (mostly classics), and inventing. She lives in Central Maine with her life partner and her whippet, Devo.

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