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Horror High School: Return of Qthe Loving Dead

cover art for Horror High School (book 1): Return of the Loving Dead


Being in love with a zombie bites, but that won’t stop true love. Can it? Horror High School: Return of the Loving Dead is unlike any zombie book you’ve ever read. Meet Amber Vanderkamp, senior at Stephen E. King High School. Amber is poised to be class valedictorian when she graduates this year and has her sights set on the New York Center for the Performing Arts for college. Everything is wonderful in Amber’s world. She always gets the lead in her high school’s plays and is counting on the lead role in the school’s upcoming production of Romeo and Juliet. That is until her well-ordered world is thrown into chaos when her boyfriend, Zach, dies and comes back as a zombie. But how can she turn her back on the love of her life? How does she deal with the pressure? And will she remain committed to the boy she once considered her soul mate? Especially when her mother (with secrets of her own) is encouraging her to wait and experience more of the world. And her flighty best friend, Jasmine, is acting more peculiar than ever since Zach has become a member of the undead club. Add in the class bullies, Caleb and Darla, who seem to be doing everything in their power to ruin Amber’s life and everything is here for a page-turning romp through a world where zombies are a part of everyday life.


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Write of the Living Dead

Write of the Living Dead, published 2012 by Dark Moon Books


The Writing Guide for your Dark Side

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Vampires, Demons, and Revenants, Oh My! 

Did you know that Araminta Matthews is also a professor. She teaches a Vampire Literature course for the University of Maine at Presque Isle. Watch the video below to learn a little more about vampire folklore!

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